Thank you for your interest in our baby hedgehogs.   Adopting from us is very easy and in under 5 minutes you can be guaranteed a baby hedgehog!


Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions 

Step 1:                   HABITAT

We are unlike most breeders.  We have habitat expectations. Our goal is to find forever homes for these fun little hedgehog babies and we believe the key to a happy hedgehog is their home!  So first and foremost the habitat must be a minimum 8 square feet.   We know finding the right habitat is time consuming and can be challenging as most pet stores sell hamster cages and habitats too small for hedgehogs.  We have available a Habitat Starter Kit that includes everything a hedgehog needs for life!

Our habitat kit includes:

a 2 foot x 4 foot habitat with modified food tray that includes stainless steel food and water bowls, a 12 inch solid wheel, a large igloo (or cuddle sack), a bag of bedding, a custom cut litter box, a bag of litter, a litter scoop, and a bag of food.


Step 2:                   DEPOSIT 

Otsego Hedgehogs requires a $50 deposit.  The deposit instantly reserves and guarantees you a baby hedgehog. The $50 is deducted off the total price and the balance is due at your adoption appointment. If you are purchasing the Habitat Starter Kit from us, and you are ready to place your deposit to reserve a baby from the next upcoming litters, OR if babies are available for picking NOW than you can use this quick form to request an invoice

Use this form to request a $50 deposit invoice
I am requesting a $50 deposit invoice to be guaranteed a baby hedgehog
Are you ready to place a deposit today to guarantee a baby?
What are your habitat plans?

If you have an existing habitat  then you would need to text pictures with dimensions for approval to Kristal @ 952-261-8829.  All habitats must meet our size requirements  and expectations. All habitats must be approved prior to us sending a deposit invoice. 

Step 3: 

Once your deposit is received Kristal send a confirmation text and if there are babies posted on the available babies page you can proceed to Step 4.  If babies are not readily available at the moment your name will be added to our waitlist.  Once the next litter of babies are ready Kristal starts at the top of the waitlist and will text families in order the deposits were recieved that they can choose a baby.  If a family does not respond timely then we will move to the next family on the list. 

Step 4:                  PICKING YOUR BABY!!!!

To choose a baby, visit our available baby page where we post videos and picking pictures of babies that have been weaned and ready for their new homes.  When you have identified a baby you would like to adopt please text Kristal the name of the mama and description of the baby.  It will be marked SOLD within minutes and you can proceed to Step 5.  If do NOT see a baby your heart desires, you can easily pass the picking to the next family and you will have first choice of the next litter!  We want you to have the perfect baby so you do NOT loose your place in line.)

Step 5:              CUSTOMIZE YOUR HABITAT KIT !

Here is a video that discribes your habitat options and a form to submit for your habitat choices.

Custom Habitat Kit Form
This Form is for families that have already paid a deposit and have been requested to fill it out.

I  will instruct you once it is your "picking time" to complete this form.

Habitat (same price)
Food and Water Dish
Wheel Color
Igloo's & Trunks


Tree Trunks are a $5 upgrade

If you want both an Igloo AND a Fleece Bed add $10

Snuggle Fleece Bed
Travel Bag / Snuggle Sak with Blankie: Add $15


* Insects:   Mealworms are a very important element of a hedgehogs diet, 8-10 per day are recommended. As an Insectivore, mealworms help a hedgehogs digestive system with processed cat food.   (If not purchasing now I strongly recommend purchasing some type of insects:  mealworms, crickets, grubs, slugs, earthworms, superworms, waxworms, etc.) A hedgehog can become constipated and live in pain without insects in their daily diet.  

Please select the items you want:

* Heat Pads:  Depending on the temperature of your home, you may also need a heat source for your hedgehog. Hedgehogs need temperatures of at least 72 degrees at all times to prevent hibernation (both in the wintertime when our homes can be drafty and also in the summertime when we run air conditioners) Please watch the video on the care page (in the red section regarding placement of heat pads)

Please select the items you want:
This form is for families that are NOT purchasing our
habitat kit but would like to purchase items from our store.