Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions 

Step 1:           HABITAT APPROVAL

We are unlike most breeders.  We have habitat expectations. Our goal is to find forever homes for these fun little hedgehog babies and we believe the key to a happy hedgehog is their home!  So first and foremost you must have an approved habitat!      The habitat must be a minimum 8 square feet.   We know finding the right habitat is time consuming and can be challenging as most pet stores sell hamster cages and habitats too small for hedgehogs.  We have available a Habitat Starter Kit that includes everything a hedgehog needs for first time or repeat hedgehog owner.

If you have an existing habitat  then it must meet our size requirements and expectations.  You would need to  text pictures with dimensions for approval.   Once it is approved, you can  move on to Step 2.

Step 2:                   DEPOSIT 

Otsego Hedgehogs requires a $50 deposit.  The deposit instantly reserves and guarantees you a baby hedgehog. The $50 is deducted off the total price and the balance is due at your adoption appointment.  The deposit is paid online thru Paypal or Square keeping your financials secure and private.  So once your habitat is approved, or if you are purchasing the Habitat Starter Kit from us, and you are ready to place your deposit. 

Text your first name, last name and email address to 952-261-8829 (please indicate in that text if you are purchasing the Habitat Starter Kit we have available in our store). Upon payment of the deposit invoice, you advance to Step 3.


Upon payment of the invoice I will schedule your adoption appointment.  Appointments can be same day if babies are available and schedules allow.

You pick the date and time that works for you and your family. 

I will do my best to accommodate YOUR schedule.

Step 4:                  ADOPTION DAY!!!!!

We welcome families into our private adoption room and fully stocked hedgehog store! Adoption appointments can last up to an hour and my dedicated time to you is to answer any questions, educate you and allow time for you to hold a variety of babies until you have chosen the right pet for you and your family. Please be on time for your adoption appointment as there may be an appointment following yours.   I do supply a travel box with bedding for your new little baby to transport him/her home in safely or we have adorable little travel bags for purchase as well.

We accept cash and credit cards, NO CHECKS!

Or Click this link for Paypal NO INTEREST Offer

SIDE NOTES:   We offer anyone who purchases from Otsego Hedgehogs a LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE!   We have stayed in touch with lots and lots of families over the years.  We gladly answer any questions you have and will assist  you in any way possible.  We also offer a lifetime warranty against WHS Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome! 

 "Is a deposit required or can we just drop by to look?"

 I have been asked many times over the years if someone can hold off on paying a deposit and just come and look and ask questions to  decide  if they want to purchase a hedgehog and due to our busy family schedules we respectfully decline.  I believe a deposit shows your intent.... Your commitment to purchase. so their is no risk to you if you are truly interested in purchasing a baby hedgehog.    We request for you to do your own research and make that decision on your own..... We are not here to convince you to purchase a baby hedgehog.    We recommend attending an exotic pet fair.  They are held around the twin cities several times a year.... I recommend visiting and doing as much research as you can so you can make the  decision for you and your family.