Don't have a cage or supplies yet?

No worries - - - We got you covered!! 


Finding the right habitat for hedgehogs can be challenging.  Re-purposing an old habitat (such as fish tank or ferret cage) isn't always a good idea.  Hedgehogs need a habitat of a minimum of 8 square feet with proper ventilation for their little lungs.  It is also important that the habitat has the ability to hold bedding as hedgehogs like to burrow for play and also for warmth.    Most pet stores do, not carry 2' x 4'  habitats, nor do their employees know all the items a hedgehog needs.  We have simplified this!   We have complete habitat kits that we keep in stock at all times for only $125.  You choose the colors you like and we send you home with your new baby and its brand new habitat (and all accessories) that is easy to set up.   We have 3 different habitat options for you to choose from shown below.

The habitat above  comes in two colors, black or blue.  They both have an attached feeding tray we have modified that include 2 stainless steel bowls 

Kristal's Favorites

Same price as the BLACK and BLUE habitat above.  The GREEN habitat has a matching top that you can select on the habitat form for families that want a covered habitat.   A plastic food and water dish is included.

New Item

Here are pictures of some of the items in our store. They are included in the Habitat Starter Kit. YOU CHOOSE  the colors you like!

Hedgehogs need a 12" Wheel

Yes a bag of cat litter!  And a litter scoop.  Our babies are potty trained!

Plan to build your own habitat?   

I have built hundreds over the years and below are some of the images.  I love home made habitats!  Some guidelines to think about if you are considering this.  Habitats need to be a minimum 8 square feet!   They also need to have proper ventilation and that is why a fish tank with all glass sides is NOT a good option.  A combination of litter, bedding dust, urine and poo are not good for a hedgehogs tiny lungs.  Anyways,  a good habitat also should be able to hold bedding without falling out the sides.  Some people think fleece is a substitute for bedding and I would strongly disagree.  Hedgehogs need to burrow but they also pee all over fleece and the smell becomes over whelming and so it may be something you want to try but most times people revert back to bedding so the habitat should be made to contain it.   

A message regarding plastic bins:

I see buckets like this posted on the internet and I think about the poor quality of life a hedgehog would have living in this.  I want good homes for my pets... so I will NOT sell to anyone that is intending on making this type of bin their new hedgehog's home!