Finding the right habitat for hedgehogs can be challenging.  Re-purposing an old habitat (such as fish tank or ferret cage) isn't always a good idea.  Hedgehogs need a habitat of a minimum of 8 square feet with proper ventilation for their little lungs.  It is also important that the habitat has the ability to hold bedding as hedgehogs like to burrow for play and also for warmth.    Most pet stores do not carry 2' x 4'  habitats, nor do their employees know all the items a hedgehog needs.  We have simplified this!  We offer a  Habitat starter kit  that we keep in stock at all times for only $100.  At your adoption appointment  we put all the items together with colors you choose and send you home with your new baby and its brand new habitat that is easy to set up. We have a couple different options including one with a lid and another with a litter box.  

Here are pictures of the items in our store. They are included in the Habitat Starter Kit. YOU CHOOSE  the colors you like at your adoption appointment

Hedgehogs need a 12" Wheel

Yes a bag of cat litter!  And a litter scoop.  Our babies are potty trained!

The picture above features our habitat kit that includes a litter box.  

The picture below features our habitat kit that includes a lid.


                   Finding the perfect home for your new pet!  


We as pet owners want happy, healthy pets .....  as they bring happiness into our lives.  One huge key to a hedgehog's happiness is finding the right habitat.  Hedgehog's, while small in size, require a lot of space as they can run 3 - 5 miles a day!   A minimum 8 square feet is recommended.  There needs to be room in his / her new home for a 12" wheel,  a food and water bowl,  a sleepy home or igloo along with some space to do laps and go thru some tunnels and tubes.   Pet stores typically carry small cages for guinea pigs, chinchilla's, and hamster's and  unfortunately those cages are approximately 3' x 18" so about 1/2 the recommended size.  Hedgehogs that live in a cage too small can often suffer from anxiety, depression and fear.  They primarily stay in their igloo and become afraid of people.  Often times it leads to obesity and even hibernation out of boredom.  The pet is soon forgotten about and then possibly re-homed.  We strive to find forever homes for our babies and we believe the right home makes a happy pet!   The habitat we offer is 2' x 4' and you have an option of a lid or a litter box.  The liner is a washable waterproof material and the 4 inch sides hold bedding allowing for hedgehogs to burrow and keep warm.


There are other options to consider as well.   Over the years,  I have either made or seen many habitats that I love.  Re-purposing furniture can be a fun project and allows for the new pet to join the family in an inconspicuous habitat. Below are several habitat ideas.

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A message regarding plastic bins:

I see buckets like this posted on the internet and I think about the poor quality of life a hedgehog would have living in this.  I want good homes for my pets... so I will NOT sell to anyone that is intending on making this type of bin their new hedgehog's home!